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We address to Public Administrations, Public Companies, Local Authorities, Public, Foundations Universities, NGOs S, consortiums and other entities requiring skilled management specialists and internal and external control, offering quality service as well as partners who understand their needs. We provide discretion, effectiveness and professionalism.

The integration of lawyers, economists and accountants-auditors allows us to get to know the legal and economic reality of the various public activities, better understanding our clients and offering a consultancy covering their global needs. Accustomed to working in team, we offer a complete service in order to obtain greater transparency in the management of the PUBLIC SECTOR.

Scope of BNFIX in the Public Sector

  • State.
    General State Administration, Constitutional Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, Social Security, other entities of public nature.
  • Autonomous.
    Its general administration, autonomous bodies and managing bodies of the Social Security.
  • Local.
    City Councils, County Councils, Provincial Councils (councils or Insular Councils), autonomous bodies.
  • Various forms of indirect management of public services.
    Concession, authorized management, concert, corporation with mixed capital, consortium.

Public Sector Services

  • Financial audit and audit of compliance with the law.
  • Operational audit.
  • Economy and Efficiency Audit, Audit Effectiveness (or of Programs), audit of systems and procedures.
  • Public budget accounting.
  • Status of Budget Settlement (expenses, income, financial result, treasury surplus, reconciling items, etc.).
  • Review of specific areas.
  • Audits of budget and modifications of credit accountability, tax revenue, transfers and grants received, other income, personnel expenses, purchases of goods and services, investment, property, granted subsidies, debt.
  • Financial controls and other subsidies.
  • Controls of procedures and systems.
  • Controls Article 13 of Regulation 1828/2006.
  • The realization of these controls in order to verify compliance with the regulations applicable to it.